My own experience abroad

As I am a girl who has lived all her life in Pamplona, I feel like I need to share my brief experience abroad. I have travelled to England and Ireland on my own during two summers of my life. I attended to a school and and made many international friends during my stay.

Of course I lived moments in which I felt scared of the unknown. However, I believe that it’s almost impossible to regret a experience like this. I need to admit that at first I felt like I was out of place and that I would never get used to that new place. Well, that is FALSE! It is amazing how fast you learn how to adapt yourself to a different routine and way of life.

Definitively, I would like to encourage all of you to go abroad and have a cultural experience if you have the oportunity. It is one of the most unique memories that I have at present. It’s just like going on an adventure!

Uxue Martínez de Zuazo

The End of a Correspondence

Writing about North Africa has been very fruitful. Not only have I learned more about this diverse region, but I also have a renewed appreciation for it. Here are links to my previous blog posts so that all readers can learn a bit for themselves.

Hopefully this information can inspire people to travel not only to North Africa but all over the world.

John Michael Martínez Dillon


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