ABOUT BLOGGING By: Jennifer Valero

Blogging is about sharing information. What a good blogger should know is about the importance of giving real, fair and clear information for the users to be satisfied and their blog to have an opportunity to succeed.

Image from: http://kidslearntoblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/blogging_for_kids_under_13.jpg


If accurate information is important, refering to your sources is crutial when we talk about author rights, and thinking of the user becomes the base of everything. Writing and designing your blog according to the users’ you are writing for ways of being and interests is what will lead you to get a rel audience.

It is not until you do it, until you live the experience of making your own blog that you become really conscious about how important all this is. You also feel very responsible because what you are writing is public and making it right becomes a necessity.

image from: http://theplanetd.com/how-to-become-professional-travel-blogger/

While writing  my blog entries, I constantly added links to the sources I was getting information from and tried to use a clear and direct language to avoid being boring. Also included images and videos to explain better what I was talking about and making the entry more attractive.

I have learnt about cultures of the world at the same time that I have transmitted the new things that  I know in a personal way, because when blogging, you are the sole author of the stuff you publish and it is in your hands to make a good use of that power.

The experience has been so great that I consider anyone should try to do it as long as the respect accuracy and they copy right.

This is the list of the links to all of the webpages I have taken information form:

Hope you enjoyed my work!

Jennifer Valero


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