Are you tired of finding useless blogs that have too many text and very little substance? Well, today is your lucky day! Here it is a list of the most important online sources where you will find all of the information you need about countries, cultures, festivals,gastronomy, activities…

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  • We Blog The World: This blogs counts with a lot of entries in which it is shown every single aspect of every single country, at least most of them. As it is said in the same blog: ” We Blog the World combines the magic of an online culture and travel magazine with a global blog network, where independent voices capture the best cultural experiences, events, ideas and stories for the discerning, educated and savvy globetrotter”.

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  • Booker travels: A fresh and different perspective of details during some traveler’s journeys. The magic shared by its texts and unique pictures can inspire you and encourage you to choose a new destination.

World Culture Encyclopedia:  For those who want to get some more serious and objective information, this is the site. A real and complete encyclopedia that covers hundreds of cultures of the world. You need to be a good and patient reader because its aim is definitely not to share a point of view or personal artistic interpretation of traditions but a serious amount of realities.

Jennifer Valero Escobar


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