How to become a world culture’s “expert”? By: Jennifer Valero

We can do so many things in order to learn about other countries and become more conscious about what our world is made of. Apart from the huge amount of information we can get from the books or the internet, there are some other ways which are much more enjoyable and also more effective. Do you want to know them? Then just keep reading.

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1.-Talking to any foreigner that you meet.

You thought it would be more difficult, didn’t you? The truth is that we sadly lose so many great opportunities to make contact with other cultures because of our shiness or lack of initiative and it is so easy!. Whenever you meet someone from abroad just say hello and try to start a conversation! In most of the cases they will feel grateful and happy to share their life experiences with you. Both of you will acquire some interesting knowledges and, who knows? Maybe a new friend!😃😊😊😊

2.- Going to cultural events in your hometown.

Or, why not? You can also suggest their creation! Whether you come from somewhere else or not, it is always worth to assist to this kind of attractions in which you will have the unique opportunity to watch live performances of traditional music and dances from another or your own country and also to try their typical food! These are wonderful celebrations for all ages!

Here it is a link from YouTube about the Caribbean festival which is annually celebrated in North Vancouver, Canada.

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3.- Going abroad yourself.

Ok, this is probably the piece of advice you were all expecting and some of you will say that you don’t have enough money. However, there are so many cheap ways of travelling for a very low price and youth hostels that cost less than a daily menu in that restaurant you love to go to every weekend, or that smartphone you have been saving for. It is all about making the decision so…just do it!

In this blog you will find some smart tips to travel cheap which you may find useful:)

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Good luck!

Jennifer Valero Escobar


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